Learn to Draw Mark Anchovy!

Try your hand at this step-by-step guide to drawing Colin Kingsley AKA Mark Anchovy…

Begin with a circle and gradually build up the features of Colin’s face with simple shapes, following the stages shown.

Add colour to be a real G.S.L pro!

Download the guide

G.S.L. Name Generator!

Create your own G.S.L. detective name using this easy name-generator…

Take the number of your birthday and the first letter of your name and match this with your chart. For example if you are born on the 3rd of the month, number 3 gives you ‘Sneaky’. If your name begins with ‘B’ your name would be ‘Sneaky Gherkin’. Add this to to the last food you ate (e.g. Biscuits) and add this to ‘Detective’…
Sneaky Gherkin: Biscuit Detective.

What’s your detective name?

Download the generator