You may or may not know about the Golden Spatula League.
They are the greatest agency of catering detectives in existence. Who else can access the most dangerous people on the planet? Not the police. Not regular detectives. Not government spies.
But waiters will. Chefs will. Kebab vendors will. And of course, pizza delivery boys will.

A unique fact: the G.S.L. is run by and consists of children only. Because everyone trusts children. Which is of course, a mistake. Members retire at sixteen and generally don’t need to work again. The life of a G.S.L. catering detective is one of immense luxury… but very real danger.

The G.S.L. was founded in 1867 by Rudolph Tapsav, a Swiss chocolatier and part-time detective. Rapidly expanding into an international network, today the G.S.L. can be found in most countries in the world. (They are in talks with Andorra.)

To find them, you should look very closely, on drawers, doors and drains, probably with a magnifying glass, for the special G.S.L. symbol:

But don’t try to contact them. They will contact you.