Colin Kingsley AKA Mark Anchovy

Position: Pizza Detective
Skills: Photographic memory
Likes: Beat boxing while brushing his teeth
Dislikes: Justin

Princess Skewer

Position: Lead Caterer Detective
Skills: Forgery
Likes: When a plan comes together
Dislikes: Slackers

Master Key

Position: G.S.L. Branch President
Skills: Infiltration
Likes: Silk dressing gowns
Dislikes: Bad manners

Justin AKA Juicebox

Position: Apprentice Caterer Detective
Skills: Hiding and can run fast and super-skilled so there
Likes: Raspberry ripple ice-cream with hundreds and thousands
Dislikes: Colin

Yelena and Yaconda

Position: G.S.L. Impressionists
Skills: Impressions, languages
Likes: Prank phone calls
Dislikes: When a twin steals your credit


Position: G.S.L. Inventor
Skills: Inventing
Likes: Inventing
Dislikes: Time away from inventing

Mr Hogstein

Position: History teacher
Skills: Playing the banjo
Likes: Ancient Rome
Dislikes: Backchat

Big Alan Fresco

Position: Art thief and pizza addict
Skills: Theft / Kidnapping / Arson / Intimidation
Likes: Steam rooms
Dislikes: Detectives