Mark Anchovy: Pizza Detective

Colin Kingsley is a pizza delivery boy with a twist. He’s actually an aspiring detective. 

But in sleepy Rufflington-on-Sea, there are no cases to solve – until the Golden Spatula League come calling. The world’s premier agency for ‘caterer-detectives’, run by children, the G.S.L. have been dazzled by Colin’s freakish memory skills.

To join their ranks, Colin – codenamed ‘Mark Anchovy’ – must fly to Rome to track down a valuable stolen painting, titled, ‘Girl With A Squirrel’. The chief suspect: Big Alan Fresco, notorious art thief and pizza addict.

Published 09/04/2020
128 × 197 mm, 311 pp.
Softcover, black and white
ISBN 9781848128613
Ages 8 to 12

Selected press

Financial Times

“If all of this sounds ludicrous… well, it is. Very amusingly so.”

The Week Junior

“Packed with hilarious illustrations, you’ll want to gobble this up all at once.”

The Scotsman

“The first in a new series, Mark Anchovy: Pizza Detective is a must-read for mystery fans… A hilarious and exciting story from author and illustrator William Goldsmith. ”

INIS - Children’s Books Ireland Magazine

“The story is bursting with cliffhangers and plot twists to entertain and engage on every page – all with added intrigue, drama, code breaking, despicable villains and of course, pizza. Author and illustrator William Goldsmith has hit on a winning formula in this, his debut children’s novel, which is sure to herald the start of a successful new series for Colin and the Golden Spatula League.”